Sun Yat-sen University Chinese Government Scholarship 2019

I.  Introduction  

The “Chinese Government Scholarship –Chinese University Postgraduate Program”, a full scholarship set up by the Ministry of Education of China (MOE) in 2008, is aimed at promoting Chinese higher education brand on an international basis. Enrolment is managed directly by China’s key universities. As a key comprehensive university, Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) undertakes the enrolment of international postgraduates under this government scholarship.  

 II.  Eligibility  

1. Applicants should be non-Chinese with a valid foreign passport, and meet requirements in the “Notice of Regulating Admission of International Students in Colleges and Universities” ([2009]83).

2. Applicants should be in good health and meet the physical standards that are required for applying for a student visa or residence permit.

3. Education background and age limit:

(1) Be a bachelor’s degree holder and no more than 35 when applying for the master’s programs;

(2) Be a master’s degree holder and no more than 40 when applying for the doctoral programs. 

4. The applicant must have good scientific research ability and good knowledge of specialized courses. 

5. Language Proficiency:

(1) HSK 5 Certificate (with 180 points or above) or other equivalent Chinese Learning Certificates;

(2) Applicants who complete bachelor or master education with Chinese as the language of instruction should submit certificates of Chinese language proficiency issued by their schools and can be exempted from providing HSK Certificates after SYSU’s verification;

(3) Outstanding applicants who apply for the programme without adequate Chinese language proficiency must take a Chinese Language course for one academic year at other universities where has established agreements with SYSU and with the approval by Chinese Scholarship Council. Upon the completion of the course and the satisfaction of the language entry requirements, they can begin their studies with Chinese as the language of instruction.

6. Applicants should be friendly to China, hardworking and diligent in their studies, upstanding and law-abiding, without any recorded history of their having broken the rules and regulations of their school, and without any other security penalties or criminal record.

. Application Deadline

 May 15, 2019 

IV. Application Procedure

Step 1: Complete the online application procedure at CGS Information Management System

Visit or and click “Application Online” to log in, submit online the completedApplication Form for Chinese Government Scholarship, and print a hard copy. (Agency No. of Sun Yat-sen University at CSC: 10558)

Step 2: Complete the online application procedure at SYSU System

Visit International Student Service System ( ) to complete online application. Please choose “Chinese Government Scholarship-Chinese University Postgraduate Program” when making the online application.

* Please do select the major, fill out the study field and note down the degree type according to the Major Categories 2019 (appendix 1 & 2) on the hardcopies of the SYSU Application Form for International Students. If you fail to write down the above information or the information does not consist with the Major Categories, your application may be considered invalid.

Step 3: Post the hard copies of application documents in duplicate

Applicants are required to send all the required documents to Sun Yat-Sen University by post or in person before May 15, 2019.

(Postal address: Admission Office (Office for International Students’ Affairs Office), Sun Yat-sen University, No. 135 Xinggang Road West, Guagnzhou 510275 China, Tel: 86-20-84110819)

Required Documents are as follows:

No. Documents Requirements
1 Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship Log in or to complete the online application, and then print a hard copy. (Agency No. of Sun Yat-sen University at CSC: 10558)
2 SYSU Application Form for International Students Visit International Student Service System ( to complete online application.
3 Highest degree certificate ①Applicants for master’s programs should submit the bachelor’s degree certificate; ②Applicants for doctoral programs should submit the master’s degree certificate;  ③Applicants who are currently studying at university should provide a pre-graduate certificate and the highest degree certificate (the original copy of the final degree certificate should be submitted to SYSU Admissions Office on the specified registration date; failure to do so will result in disqualification of enrollment.);  ④Certificate in languages other than Chinese or English must be accompanied by notarized translation in Chinese or English.  
4 Academic transcripts  ①Applicants for master’s programs should submit the academic transcripts of bachelor’s studies;  ②Applicants for doctoral programs should submit the academic transcripts of master’s studies.   ③Transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English must be accompanied by notarized translation in Chinese or English.
5 A Study plan or research proposal  ①Should be in minimum 800 words; ②Written in Chinese or English.
6 Recommendation letters Two Letters of recommendation signed by professors or associate professors in Chinese or English 
7 Photocopy of HSK certificate Applicants can refer to “II. Eligibility” for more details.
8 Photocopy of valid passport Should be an ordinary passport and a scanned color biographical page should be submitted.
9 Photocopy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form Should be completed in Chinese or English.


① If applicants have published papers, the abstracts should be enclosed with the application documents.

②Applicants are expected to submit a complete package of application documents before the application deadline. Incomplete application documents will be rejected. No matter whether the applicants are accepted or not, all the application documents will not be returned.

 ③Applicants are expected to keep their phones open and check their email regularly as SYSU Admissions Office will contact them when necessary.  Applicants who fail to respond to emails in time nor submit supplementary materials within the prescribed time are considered to have given up. SYSU may cancel the scholarship qualification of the applicant.

④ In addition to the above application materials, students are required to submit other supplementary materials on time.

V. Scholarship Coverage

1. Free of Tuition

2. Free of on-campus Accommodation

3. Living allowance: RMB3,000/month/person for a master candidate; RMB3,500 /month/person for a doctoral candidate.

4. Free of comprehensive medical insurance

Note: If there is any change in the amount of the scholarship amount, please refer to the announcement made by CSC in that year.

 VI.  Selection Procedure:

1. After the application deadline, SYSU will organize a panel of experts to review the application documents. The pre-admission result will submit by SYSU to CSC on the overall assessment of the students’ scores and all other supporting documents. The final admission result will be determined by CSC.

2. Before August 2019, the admission result will be sent to applicants via email or messages via the application website. The original admission materials will be posted to students according to the postal addresses provided by the students on the SYSU’s application website. If necessary, students can contact SYSU to obtain scanned copies of the admission materials.

VII.  Additional Information

1. Students who are accepted should apply for the X1 visa at their country’s Chinese Embassy (or Chinese Consulate) with “Sun Yat-sen University Admission Notice” and “Visa Application for Study in China (JW201/202)”, and change X1 visa into a Residence Permit for Foreign Students within 30 days after enter China. Students who do not apply for the relevant visa and residence permit will have to drop out. SYSU does not accept students with non-student visas.

2. Students who are accepted must register at the date and the address according to “Sun Yat-sen University Admission Notice”.

3. Students who are accepted must show the Admission Notice, the original copy of the final Degree Certificate, the original copies of Academic Transcripts (including HSK Certificate) (documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be accompanied by notarized translation in Chinese or English), as well as the original and the photo copies of the passport and the Visa page on the registration date, to receive the freshmen’s qualification review.

4. Students’ Chinese language proficiency should meet the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Education and the requirements of SYSU before graduation.

 VIII.  Contact Information

Address: Admission Office (Office for International Students’ Affairs Office), Sun Yat-sen University, No. 135 Xingang Road West, Guangzhou 510275 China

Tel: 0086-20- 84110819           

Fax: 0086-20-84115621



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