SubmittedNo any touch with your Application since sent.
AcceptedCSC/university completed all steps positively, now they will send “admission letter and visa application form” any time.
In progress CSC/university touched with your application material which leads to accepted or rejected.
In processAt university portal, it means equal to submitted only. When university check your application, it will change into “academic review” Or other steps like “fee to be paid” or have entered school etc
Approved/Appointed CSC/university accepted your application, now university will send you any time the “admission notice and visa application from’
CSC/university not selected to you.
Have entered School
University selected to the candidate now they will send applicants application to CSC for approval
Preliminary AdmissionUniversity selected to the candidate, now they will send applicant application to the CSC for approval
Not Submitted
Your Application is canceled.
Your online application is not sent.
My Status Disappearing

Not submitted
Please reload page/change internet browser, and or wait and login the evening or next day, perhaps university/csc updating your new status.
Due to internet slow and browser compatibility, your submitted application may show not submitted, please wait and reload page/change internet browser
Final result unreleased/unrelated Means Application process completely done, wait for result which could selected or not selected.
ReturnedApplication is sent back to university due missing Of any important documents or application criteria is not full filling.
Application Submitted successfullyBut HSK certificate missing. Please do not worry about it if you have provided <<English Language proficiency« certificate
UnverifiedUniversity not checked your application material.
Filled inYou have started application but it not completed and submitted successfully.So,complete the form and submit it.
UntreatedMeans not checked your application in case if it is showing from submitted time, and or if your status was “submitted” then it was changed into untreated, then it means it is rejected


  1. In university online application, when I try to open this warning appears (the user is locked), please describe what does it mean?

    1. My profiles shows submitted since I completed the registration, what does that mean
      Do I have a chance or not of been approved or not

        1. My status on university is showing “in process”
          I would like the meaning of this status.
          My csc status is in progress

  2. My university portal shows “accepted” but yet they didn’t send me any email yet. After the status changed to accepted can they decline the offer or it is a must that they will send me email in the future?

  3. Hi,
    I’m applying scs scholarship in 2 schools. Will the status of both be in progress, or only one and the other will remain “submitted” forever?
    Thank you so much

      1. i have a pre-admission letter from the university , after that my status in csc is in progress , can i get rejected from csc ?

  4. My status on university is showing “waiting for preliminary admission”
    I would like the meaning of this status.
    My csc status is in progress

  5. My application status says “in process”, but they have informed my contact that I have to submit payment. How do I do this? It doesn’t give me the option unless the status changes.

  6. My CSC application says “submitted”, the university application says “Final result unreleased”.

    When should I expect a result? Should I worry about this?

    Also, what are the chances of getting rejected?

  7. Thanks for this nice post. I applied in two univ and both status is saying accepted, what does that mean? Is that even possible?

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