Peking University China Admission 2019

Peking University China Admission 2019

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Project introduction:

Master students: 2-3 years of study period, complete credits, complete graduation thesis, and pass the thesis defense, you can get the diploma and master’s degree. The learning style is full-time.
Doctoral students: The basic study period is 4 years. After completing the credits, they will obtain certain scientific research results, complete the doctoral thesis, and obtain the diploma and doctorate through the thesis defense. Bachelor’s degree applicants apply for direct entry to a Ph.D. in science and engineering or a master’s degree, and the basic length of study is generally 5 years. The length of study for doctoral students can be extended, but not more than 8 years. The learning style is full-time.


Master’s degree: A non-Chinese citizen with a bachelor’s degree and a foreign passport.
PhD student: A non-Chinese citizen with a master’s degree and a foreign passport. Bachelor degree holders can also apply for a direct Ph.D. in science and engineering or a master’s degree.

Application Materials:

1. Peking University International Student Application Form (Graduate). Please log in to the Peking University International Student Registration System ( ) to register online. After successful registration, print the application form and post the latest photos.
2. The academic credentials must be in Chinese or English. Original or notarized copy;
Note: Fresh graduates are required to provide proof of graduation or proof of attendance at the time of application, and must be required to submit academic credentials to be eligible for admission.
3. The official transcript of the graduate school must be original or notarized in Chinese or English;
4. Personal statement (including research plan), master’s degree about 1000 words, about 3,000 words, written in Chinese, format can be downloaded online , Website:;
5. Letters of recommendation from two professors or associate professors (or equivalent staff), the format can be downloaded from the Internet at: http://www.isd;
6. A copy of the language (Chinese or English) test transcript; if you
apply for a subject in Chinese, you should submit an original or a copy of the transcript that meets the following criteria.

Apply for different subject categories Chinese Proficiency Test
(Hanban HSK)
Writing (composition)
Science, engineering and other majors Level 6 and above 200 points Not less than 65 points
Humanities and social sciences Level 6 210 points or more Not less than 65 points

Please refer to the specific enrollment brochure for the language requirements for applying for special courses in English.
7. A copy of the passport, the passport must be a valid ordinary passport;
8. A list of published academic articles and abstracts, other original work results (not available or not);
9. The application materials also include other certificates that the department may require Documents; in

addition to the letter of recommendation , the above materials must be submitted in duplicate, one original, one copy, and sent to the International Student Office according to the prescribed application time (if the application materials are mailed, please indicate on the envelope the “graduate application materials” “).
Application materials are not refundable.
Application fee:
800 yuan. Accept cash, UnionPay card payments and online payments. Other currency and traveler’s cheques are not accepted and the application fee is not refundable.
If the application materials are incomplete or have no application fee, the application will not be accepted.
Application time:
September 30-November 30, 2018 (except for statutory holidays). Face-to-face materials are available until November 30th.
If the application materials are mailed, the postmark time will prevail. Address: Room 330, New Sun Student Center, Peking University, International Student Office. Please indicate on the envelope: Graduate application materials.

Admissions Professionals can check the website:
School Admissions Tel: 86-10-62751354,
Address: Peking University New Sun Student Center, Graduate School Admissions Office
entrance time:
At the beginning of September 2019, the specific time is subject to the Admission Notice. Admitted students must go to Peking University to apply for admission and registration in strict accordance with the time specified in the offer letter.

Contact Information
Address: Room 330, New Sun Student Center, Peking University, Beijing, China, International Student Office
Postal Code: 100871
Tel: (86-10)-62751230
Fax: (86-10) -62751233

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